[Evolution-hackers] Authentication/Password Issue in Evolution Data Server .....


I am using evolution-data-server API to get addressbooks data for OO.o,
so at the backend it uses ldap server, groupwise servr etc based on the

For authenticating to the backend server like ( ldap server, groupwise
server etc ), it is required to provide password for each of the server
and manage these passwords in the client, "evolution" also
caches/manages these passwords , similarly each of the client have to do
password some management. Which is not a good thing. 

It should be such that once a client ( either evolution ) provides the
password it should be cached by the eds server and managed subsequently
and the client should'nt care about the backend authentication. I hope
we can avoid even first time password something like iLogin, once I
login in my desktop i dont need to provide password for any applications

It will be good option that the passwords for the backends are managed
by evolution-data-server, and client just need to tell other
configuration parameters, and never meddle with the passwords.


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