[Evolution-hackers] Bugday again

Hello everyone,

Luis already posted about GNOME bugdays to Evolution list and Evolution hackers surely know about it I'll refer you to his latest mail
I'm more fortunate than Louie since my birthday has not coincided with a bugday (actually my anniversary as Ximianite did last week! Maybe bugs have a preference to... say bug someone).
But bugdays are, as Luis says, a lot more than anniversary reminders: they are also a community effort just as good as a beautiful piece of code or a "just like I wanted" application design. Bugdays are another form of contributing to the health of our (by our meaning just everyone who uses it, it's all about community) preferred mail client. It's a meet together where we can dig in the sometimes obscure side of the code -from crashes to poor design to simple typos- that are (or in many cases were, but were also fixed) in the application... and come with a cleaner knowledge base for devoted developers. Bugdays come like a facilitation team cleaning the ground so developers can devote their best effort on building on it.
I know many of you from submitting  bug reports. That simple fact of pressing "Send" on bug-buddy is also a gift to everyone of us since you're taking time and effort to help us find something wrong... you can also contribute by reviewing a bug (even one you sent! Have you ever noticed the "My bugs" link on bugzilla footer?) and give a diagnose on it.
I also know many of you as bug hunt veterans (yeah, I had the intention to call you by name, then I refrained myself because I could forget someone and I don't want to) who already know how to do a perfect triaging with minimum effort. You know who you are, guys.

So it's Thursday again and bugs are waiting for you.  This week focus will be the hardest: visiting wishlist reports so we can profile and refine what we want Evolution to be in the future, freaking laser beams attached to my mail headers included.

So join us to have some fun on irc.gnome.org #evolution, from 9:00 to 19:00 CST (GMT -6:00) and squash some nasty bugs together.

Gerardo Marin
Ximian Evolution Bugmaster

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