[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes (Mar. 2nd)

1. JP
JP discussed the delay Evolution 1.5.5, just ran out of time and this
will help align the releases better anyhow.

JP discussed work for Evolution 1.5.5 and EDS 0.0.90.  We continue with
the "top down" approach, we need to fix blockers followed by major and
normal.  Still slightly behind the bug goals (0 show stoppers for evolution
and 0 showstopper and major for EDS).

JP discussed the regressed features work:

a. Support for this and prior and this and future recurrences in the
Rodrigo (patches)

b. Support meeting sending and receiving meetings in calendar backends
Rodrigo (committed for file backend)

d. Support for DnD in the calendar and addressbook
Larry (Initial patches are in, still needs fleshing out)

e. Test suite for EDS calendar
Harish (Initial patches are in)

Needs feature review from Chris, JP, Tim and Christine

g. Pilot syncing
JP (not started)

h. Component information area
Anna (being designed)

There is ones left to hand out:
a. Locking in the calendar backends

1.4.6 is still being test.

2. Team

Rodney: 1.5.5 bug fixing

Tim: Testing of 1.4.6, testing of groupwise support

Gerardo: Usual triaging, bugday

Jeff: 1.5.5 bug fixing, lockdown

Michael: 1.5.5 bug fixing, lockdown

Hans: 1.5.5 bug fixing

Rodrigo: Recurrence and Group Wise work

Chris: 1.5.5 bug fixing, testing against Group Wise LDAP server

Radek: 1.5.5 bug fixing for gtkhtml

JP: 1.5.5 bug fixing, calendar loading speed issues

Dan: Soup bug fixing

Larry: DnD in addressbook/calendar

Siva: Group Wise addressbook work

Harish: Group Wise bug fixing

Anna: Design work with her team

Yuedong: Etable a11y work for gnopericus

Gary: Testing groupwise support

3. Additional Business
Need to find out about gtk+ releases for gtktreeview problems.

Discussed various solutions for locking down mailer accounts.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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