Re: [Evolution-hackers] Mailer lockdown

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 03:47, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

> I think Anna has at least a partial list as to what sorts of items in
> the account we'd like to lock down.

OK, I'm an admin using Evolution in production, and I have a couple of
things to suggest for that list:

> - auto-check timeout (possibly also have a min value? - this is actually
> just my own idea. admin might not care how often a user auto-checks mail
> as long as it isn't more frequent than every 10 minutes?)

> - service type (want to lock users into using IMAP?)
> - hostname     (don't want users accidently changing hostname)
> - port

Ideally, this combo could also be used to have evolution automatically
create the account when first launched, too.

> - ssl options
> - auth options
> - remember passwd  (false sense of security since user's will probably
> just post-it note the passwd their monitor)
> - drafts/sent folders seem like a good idea  (admin wants everyone to
> use the IMAP sent/drafts folders to make backup easier?)

That sound absolutely wonderful.

> - signature?       (don't allow users to set inappropriate signatures
> and/or force them to a particular company-wide signature?)

... ideally, the signature file could contain $USER etc to insert
certain information automatically. Then again, there are security issues
with this.

There's one thing I'd love to see go on that list, too:

 - hide some Local Accounts folders, such as:
   these items will be unused if the user is using IMAP mail, and it's
   best that they be configured to be invisible, nor simply not exist. 
   There's nothing that confuses a user quite like two INBOXes.

Craig Ringer

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