Re: [Evolution-hackers] OS Contribution ideas?

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 05:41 +0000, Antony Stubbs wrote:

> I'm a Post Graduate student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
> I've just started my post grad year and I'm looking to do a post
> graduate project which is about 12 weeks worth of work or the equivalent
> of one paper. I'm talking to my lecturers about ideas but I'd really
> like to know if anyone here had any ideas too! I'd really like to do
> something that I could ultimately give back to the OS community!
> At the moment I'm looking at doing something related to one of three
> things - Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics or Data Communications
> ( or generally Internet related things... ). I have two ideas at the
> moment ( I have not discussed these with lecturers yet ) one is to start
> making an Intel Itanium simulator as one of the lecturers is interested
> in that ( this is a very large project and I would only be working on a
> section of it ) and the other is designing some sort of P2P Instant
> Messaging client...
> Does anybody have any other ideas, or can anybody post me in the right
> direction, or perhaps suggest some body I could talk to about it? I have
> got a few things which I would eventually like to do and give to the OS
> community but unfortunately they're really all just feature additions
> and this isn't really appropriate for a post grad project.
you can have a look at the bounties page for ideas, and rewards!


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