[Evolution-hackers] OS Contribution ideas?

I'm a Post Graduate student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
I've just started my post grad year and I'm looking to do a post
graduate project which is about 12 weeks worth of work or the equivalent
of one paper. I'm talking to my lecturers about ideas but I'd really
like to know if anyone here had any ideas too! I'd really like to do
something that I could ultimately give back to the OS community!

At the moment I'm looking at doing something related to one of three
things - Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics or Data Communications
( or generally Internet related things... ). I have two ideas at the
moment ( I have not discussed these with lecturers yet ) one is to start
making an Intel Itanium simulator as one of the lecturers is interested
in that ( this is a very large project and I would only be working on a
section of it ) and the other is designing some sort of P2P Instant
Messaging client...

Does anybody have any other ideas, or can anybody post me in the right
direction, or perhaps suggest some body I could talk to about it? I have
got a few things which I would eventually like to do and give to the OS
community but unfortunately they're really all just feature additions
and this isn't really appropriate for a post grad project.

Thanks very much for any suggestions!


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CELL: 021622663
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