Re: [Evolution-hackers] Newbie question

Hi Devraj,

Quoting Devraj Mukherjee <lugs eternitytechnologies com>:
> I am a newbie at Ximian/Novell Evolution development. I am interested in
> writing an addon for data exchange based on some research that has been
> carried out at Eternity Technologies.

Cool. Is this a groupware-type product?

> I am wondering where I can find some resources that will get me started
> on module/addon development of Evolution.

My company, Net Integration Technologies ( has just released an 
Evolution plugin under the GPL. You might find some of the code therein useful 
as an example.

In addition, we have released a library, WvMAPI, under the LGPL, which you may 
find useful for manipulating MAPI properties and encoding them as TNEF.

You can find all this code on our open-source site ( Go to the 
DownloadSnapshots page on that wiki, and get the evolution-exchangeit tarball.

Have fun,


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