Re: [Evolution-hackers] Controlling Evo from an external program

> Do you have indexing enabled?  Or is it imap?

It's IMAP.

> Tried 'advanced search'?

Yup.  It took me about 24 clicks and five keystrokes to enter in the
"d:mar fruit" search (messages containing the word "fruit" dated last
March).  It would have taken even more clicks to retrieve the full set
of messages that Mairix returns (which includes searching for "fruit" as
a sender name or recipient name or in the subject).

I'm not saying that Evo's search is broken.  It's just not for me.  I'm
a power user, and I want a single search box with powerful syntax and
fast results.

Actually, I don't even really care that much about search (though it'd
be nice).  I'm using search as a concrete example of a reason for
extending Evo.  My ulterior motive is to build research prototypes that
embed wacky AI algorithms into a conventional mailer.  Evo doesn't seem
like the right platform for that right now.

>>   How do I find out the
>> uid of a message?
>depends on the storage mechanism...

Either IMAP or Maildir (I use both, with different accounts).  What's
the algorithm for computing the uid?

Thanks for the help,


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