[Evolution-hackers] Stuck in data wrapper code


I am trying to pin down bug 52593. To do this, I track the path of the
created message and add debug output (in a very crude way). Thanks for
the help in getting Evo to build!

I know that in the camel local provider, in mbox_append_message, before
the following call:


if (camel_data_wrapper_write_to_stream((CamelDataWrapper *)message,
filter_stream) == -1


the subject line in the "message" is in Unicode and normal.

However, when within this call we get to the function "filter()" in
camel_mime_filter_from.c , the subject line is already in Quoted
Printable AND garbled!

As I understand, this means that the bug is in the data wrapper code,
probably in the place where it encodes the subject line to Quoted
Printable. However, I failed to understand how the data wrapper code

Someone please lend this beinning hacker a helping hand here? Or
perhaps, with this info it will be easier to fix that bug than to help

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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