Re: [Evolution-hackers] The Junk problem and IMAP

Ok everyone, so how about this:

 - we still have the global junk filter setting
 - we add 2 new settings to each imap account, which will appear next to

[ ]  "Apply filters to new messages in INBOX on this server"
[ ]  "Do not check incoming message for Junk"
[ ]  "Only check for Junk for new messages in INBOX"

(or whatever, this text is merely a descriptive example)

And we just let it filter things twice when we copy if people want to
filter all mailboxes (hey if its good enough for Mozilla its good enough
for us).

> Hi Michael,
> seeing all these issues, I too think the per account setting will be
> useful. We may keep global junk enable option + per account option to
> disable junk filtering for that account, which should be insensitive in
> case junk filtering is disabled globally. IMAP may have additional
> option for INBOX/all folders filtering.
> Anna, is that OK from UI view?
> Cheers
> Radek
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