[Evolution-hackers] Gaim-Evolution integration

I am attempting to integrate gaim presence status into evolution as
described on http://www.gnome.org/bounties/IM.html#127546. I have a few
questions regarding this ---   

I am a little confused as to where all places the presence icon should
be displayed, specifically, 

         a. In the contact editor where should the presence icon be
         b. In the minicard view where should the icon be added ??. From
the description it seems that buddy icon should be added/ but this is
already displayed in the preview pane corresponding to the address card.
Should it support buddy icons when contact photos is not present. should
it be made clickable so as to send an IM message or where exactly should
the presence icon be put??
c. What about buddy icons in recipient picker dialog.?? I guess it
should be presence icons instead.. 
Other than the above i am guessing that the following should be
implemented ::
        1. implement libgaimremote with non blocking IO to be used by
        2. Add buddy icons to mail message html display. 
        3. Add presence icons next to addresses in To:, CC:, Bcc: fields
in composer window.
        4. Add a status field to addressbook for IM presence status
        5. Add a separate column for list view display of addressbook.

The description for the bug is very vague. I have asked this question on
the list before but i did not get complete answer. Could somebody
knowledgable about this respond with some specifics. Also does the above
list cover the bug report fully or is there something else i am


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