[Evolution-hackers] Re: Ximian Evolution and windows

Dear Neil, 
I am still interisted to port ximian evolution as a project into the
windows world and to make it available as a installer. 

I do have programming experiences in C++ (but it is a while there....),
but I think it isn't that big hit to come back inside.

What I thought is that we take the Cygwin package distribution to port
Ximian Evolution into the windows world. What I can promise you is 2-3
hours of my time daily available for this project. 

If you like to communicate with me through instant messaging here my

Jabber: tamer24 jabber org
AIM: tameritoke2
ICQ: 243979898
MSN: th02 hotmail com

Hope to hear from you again. By the way, whoever loves to join me,
should write me an email with his instant messaging accounts to add. 


Am Dienstag, den 24.08.2004, 10:00 -0500 schrieb neilholcombe:
> I would love to help. I am new at this though. I do have experience with
> programming I am a junior doing a CS degree at SIUE.What is your
> experience with this kind of stuff? Let me know if your interested. P.S.
> I have to do it around my schooling.

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