Re: [Evolution-hackers] Mail VPaned vs. HPaned

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 21:53 +0200, guenther wrote:
> > btw this would have to be an option.  it is completely impractical on
> > my screen for example, even with a different message list format.
> Yeah, of course. It would be simple to make it a global option (ie. for
> all folders) - if we want it for individual folders it would be more
> work, though. I'd be ok with the former, personally.

Before implementing this as an per-folder option, let's think about
already discussed and other very useful per-folder options and implement
I really think it shouldn't be per-folder.  Its a pretty major change to the view, and having to set it per folder when you're really going to only ever set it once based on your screensize, would be a pain in the arse.

* default account (From) when replying (based on open folder)
This isn't that hard to do fwiw.
* signing/encryption
* signatures
* default folders (different Sent folder)
These should be based on the account selected.  Otherwise its going to be a nightmare for the user to configure it and a nightmare to code to keep everything consistent.
* View, Threading, etc.  (already implemented, UI adjustment)
??? what do you mean?
* display images in HTML mails
* offline folders, spam filtering, filters in general
??? whats this got to do with it?

You mean select which folders to check for spam?  You want to filter on all folders?
* <add your favorite option here>

Having this layout as an (global) option still is a Good Thing (tm) and
I would love to see it. I love features. ;)  And I love this being
implemented (hack only or not) a short time after discussing this on

Although personally I probably will stick to the current layout anyway,
simply cause I am used to it and love. But that's only a personal


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
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