Re: [Evolution-hackers] Regarding GAIM-Evolution integration

> >       2. Regarding nonblocking I/O for libgaimremote, i feel it
> > will only be required for evolution rather than a separate
> > gaim-remote program and a better way to handle this would be to
> > use a separate thread to handle presence requests in evolution.
> Well depends on if the library supports threaded mode or needs a
> gmainloop etc.

Unless things changed at some point, I believe libgaim-remote only
supports polling. This obviously would not be a good thing. Quite a
bit of work would be needed to solve this cleanly. Namely, a large
portion of libgaim-remote would need rewriting.

I'm really not too thrilled with the idea of binding Gaim and
Evolution (even though I'm a Gaim developer). I think it should be
more generic, so that you could use Gossip, or anything else
supporting whatever interface is created (but then, that's why I'm
developing Galago -

> >      3. This is a 10 month old bug report and is still open. Is
> > anyone still working on it/ or is near completion??  
> 10 months, its just a baby.  I can't recall if we've seen much work
> on this before apart from the stuff to add the e-d-s fields to
> support it.  Might have to check the mail archives.

I've been working constantly on this, although it's more of a generic
solution that would benefit any program that can feed presence (Gaim,
gossip, kopete, gnomemeeting, etc.) and any program that can receive
it (Evolution, KMail, etc.). I haven't worked on the Mail side of
Evolution yet, but that's just because I've been fine-tuning the core
of the whole thing. With the widgets and API available through Galago,
the Mail portion shouldn't take too long to finish up. And best of
all, you won't be required to use Gaim.


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