[Evolution-hackers] Regarding GAIM-Evolution integration

    I am attempting to integrate gaim presence status into evolution as described   
on http://www.gnome.org/bounties/IM.html#127546. I have a few questions 
regarding this ---  
      1. I am a little confused as to where all places the presence icon should be 
                 In the message list view will adding a separate column with presence 
icon suffice or should it be added to the cell corresponding to from field. doing 
the former seems more sensible since it can also be sorted wrt the presence ?? 
                 Does message summary mean message list ?? 
                 Where exactly is the preview pane related to messages which is 
mentioned in the description.  ?? 
                 In the contact editor should the presence icon be added to the four 
im entry fields??. I feel a better idea would be to add an icon showing only the 
first online/offline contact.  
                 In the minicard view where should the icon be added ??. From the 
description it seems that buddy icon should be added/ but this is already 
displayed in the preview pane corresponding to the address card. should it be 
made clickable so as to send an IM message or where exactly should the 
presence icon be put?? 
      2. Regarding nonblocking I/O for libgaimremote, i feel it will only be required 
for evolution rather than a separate gaim-remote program and a better way to 
handle this would be to use a separate thread to handle presence requests in 
               In the To:,CC:,BCC: fields the displaying of icon should be immediate, 
and putting non blocking IO/callbacks doesn't matter a lot. same for the 
recipient picker dialog and message view dialog. the time spent by the user on 
those fields is too less to warrant using callbacks. 
               When displaying presence icons in list view (message list/addressbook 
list) or minicard view it is better to put the gathering of presence icons in a 
separate thread and update the UI as information becomes available for large 
lists so as not to block the UI.  
               In libgaimremote a timeout can be added when reading from the 
socket to ensure that the process does not take long. anyway right now it uses 
unix sockets and it is very fast any way.  
     3. This is a 10 month old bug report and is still open. Is anyone still working on 
it/ or is near completion??  
                        I would very much like some 
clarifications/opinions/objections/criticisms regarding the above.  

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