Re: [Evolution-hackers] 'vertical' view?

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 13:02 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> This inspired me to try a trivial implementation.  It doesn't work
> very well for my screen resolution.

thanks a lot...

it works very nicely for me...

screenshot from my computer:

some comments:
1. hiding the sidebar is useful, but maybe something like this would be
even better.
-the sidebar would work more like a menu...
-it would be hidden, but there would be a select-folder button on the
-if i click select-folder, a list of folders is shown, where i select
one, and evolution switches to it. and the folder-list vanishes. this
could be very effective like: i click on select-folder, keep holding the
left-mouse-button, select the folder i want, and release the left-mouse-

2. something that eats up a lot of screen space: the "From" field,
which shows the sender's name AND his email address. imho it should be
OR  :)
-for me for example, the ideal behaviour would be:
	-if there's a name for the sender, show me only the name
	-if there's not name there, show the email address
	-(maybe we could complicate this with: if there's no name there, but
the email address is in the contacts, then get the name from there)
-so to put simple,  if there's a name, i don't want to see the email
address. i don't care about it. if i need the email address, i can
select the mail, and see the full name+email-address thing.

3. is there any chance that this vertical-view thing could be added to
evolution? (please,please, pretty please ;)))


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