[Evolution-hackers] Bug #127526 Possible Fix + Questions

I have been working on Bug #127526, the "set Evolution as the default mail client" bounty.

I've got a very nicely working patch, with a "don't ask again" feature which can be toggled either when the dialog appears, or in the Mailer preferences pane.

The message will only appear when Evolution is _not_ the default mailer AND when Evolution is allowed to ask the user again.

One question I have : should I make future patches off of CVS or of the latest development release? This one is based off of the latest development release : 1.5.91. The only problem I have with applying the patch to the CVS copy is the Changelog (because of the 3 lines of context, etc...)

I was able to apply this patch by changing into the evolution-1.5.91 directory and running 'patch -u -p 0 < ../patch-127526-2004.08.11'... I suppose you all know that though...

Sorry if I have done something wrong in this note, this is my first attempted contribution to any open source project (except my own). If anyone has any suggestions or comments or problems, please respond!



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