Re: [Evolution-hackers] 'vertical' view?

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 20:47 +0200, gabor wrote:

> how hard would it be to implement a 'vertical' mail view...
> like you can find in mozilla-thunderbird, pan or in outlook.
> or simply see this screenshot from pan (news reader):
> i think you all know the reason for thi feature:
> the mails you usually get are longer than wide.
> i don't know anything about the evolution source code.
> hard would it be to implement this?
> 2.if for example i implement it, could this feature be added to
> evolution?

Fwiw, I've wanted this too. However, I think Rodney is correct in
pointing out that in a lot of cases we'd want to compress the list view
somehow. Using multiple lines per item would be cool with me, but I'm
not sure ETable supports that.

Definitely something we/you could look into.

Without doing anything to compress the list contents, I think I'd rate
this as an "easy to medium" difficulty hack (adding code to let the user
choose the mode - vertical vs. horizontal - would be the bulk of the

Hans Petter

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