Re: [Evolution-hackers] 'vertical' view?

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 21:12, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> It really requires being able to change the display of the tree list
> of messages, dynamically, to compress things into a single column of
> text with multiple lines per row. Otherwise, the mail list is too
> wide to make this useful at all.
hmmm... i used it in mozilla-thunderbird or in pan.
yes, compressing the info into multiple rows would make it even
better...well..i am not sure about that.
but definitely it's useful for me. i use 1400x1050, and it that
resolution the display is wide enough for having the mail-list and the
preview-pane next to each other.

> While the "mails are longer" argument makes sense, it conflicts with
> the idea that the preview pane is for previewing. Previews don't tend
> to show you all of the info. :)
i never use the external mail display window. i always use the 'preview'
pane. and i have 2 friends who also use evo, and neither of them uses
the external mail display. you are the first person i've met who uses
it. :))

btw. do you really use it?
for read follow long you really
doubleclick all the messages? ;)

but back to the original question.

how hard would this be to implement?

is evo using a glade-like ui approach? in that case this change could be
trivial. if not... :(


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