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Can you actually put together a detailed list of everything which doesn't work, and how it is supposed to work?  This will be required at the very least to get anytihng done.  Then maybe some knowledgable people can contribute patches to help getting it fixed.  If nobody's even prepared to come up with a list of issues, or work on patches for this, then it doesn't seem there would be enough interest in us writing them anyway.

There's probably plenty of issues we appear not to care, but its mostly just a question of resources and also knowledge - given a choice between a hard problem we know how to fix and even an easy one we have no clue on, the former will always be done first.  I personally feel a bit embarassed that I only speak and write one language, but that was hard enough to learn - languages just aren't my thing, so i'm necessarily limited in what i18n stuff I can do without guidance.

On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 20:52 +0200, Arafat Medini wrote:
Hi all,

Following the advice of Christian Rose of the i18n team I am contacting
you the Evo hackers to look at this issue. So I hope this mail doesn't
generate some flames as I'll try to be as polite as possible ;)

Evolution has bad rtl support as seen in this screen:

The task/mail/contact/calendar widgets are not present and many bars are
not flipped the right way.
Under this id you can find the bug which was already reported: 56693
I've included a detailed descriptionn at the end of the page as my last
comment on the bug. And there is already a patch for flipping icons in
the right order.

I want to lobby for this bug because of the two following reasons:

More then 50 countries use rtl scripts (without counting the islamic
countries which use Arabic as a second or third language), like Arabic
hebrew persian etc... rtl using countries are making a really big part
of our world. It wouldn't be good if those ppl would have to wait longer
for such a great app till it becomes usable for them.
The second reason is that the interface looks messy which degrades the
overall desktop experience for a user when using gnome. To have a high
quality desktop I think it should be very good to have such an important
app behaving correctly under the corresponding locale.

the majority will look at Evo first place when installing gnome 2.8 so
having a decent looking app is not so wrong ;)

So I really hope this bug gets your attention. And gets resolved for
The translation is nearly done too (80%) so I hope this gets spin.

many thanx for reading. And I hope my mail was friendly enough to not
make anyone angry ;)

Arafat Medini
Arabic gnome transaltion coordinator

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