Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM application suite

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 20:08, Tristan O'Tierney wrote:
> i envision splitting it up into apps that are well
> defined
> an addressbook, mail app, and calendar app.

the mailer will always depend on the addressbook and calendar, so
whether you load them into the window or not is irrelevant.

in fact, I don't see why you wouldn't just load them into the main shell
window anyway, they're loaded!

no sense making the user run 3 apps having each component loaded into
each of them. it just wastes more resources.

> > they basically *are* separate applications already,
> > except they get
> > embedded into a single window.
> evolution doesn't already do this, as is evident by
> the fact that it has all these components integrated
> into one app.

how do you propose we make the mailer not depend on the other 2
components? the mailer needs to depend on them for features that it
requires from each of them. there's no getting around that.

>   that's great that they are basically
> separate applications. that means the work involved in
> splitting them up into separate windows and binaries
> is even easier.
> > evolution doesn't force you to do that, so I don't
> > quite follow.
> then how do i only manage my contacts without opening
> up the evolution mail app and switching to the
> contacts pane?

evolution --component=contacts

or contacts might be addressbook or something. I'm not sure of the exact
name, but it's doable.

> > >   it makes managing
> > > names-->mediums 10 times simpler.  i hope some day
> > > gaim works with such a standarized addressbook.  i
> > > know evolution 2.0 is supposed to make a server
> > for
> > > all these activities, but that isn't a replacement
> > for
> > > what i suggest.
> > 
> > 
> > why not?
> because the data server only lets you integrate easily
> with the evolution suite, not manage the various
> components of the suite individually.

then use `evolution --component=<component>`


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