Re: [Evolution-hackers] PIM application suite

> the mailer will always depend on the addressbook and
> calendar, so
> whether you load them into the window or not is
> irrelevant.
> in fact, I don't see why you wouldn't just load them
> into the main shell
> window anyway, they're loaded!
> no sense making the user run 3 apps having each
> component loaded into
> each of them. it just wastes more resources.

the GUI wastes far more resources than a command line,
yet the GUI is far more usable.  resources are
irrelevant here, especially when 128 megs of ram or
more these days for a simple PIM suite.  they should
be split up because they are different functions. not
because they aren't related. you simply aren't
understanding this. mail != contacts != calendar. yes
they are all INTERDEPENDENT. they are even related.
but they are not the same function, it's just that
simple.  if you try and cram too much functionality
into one interface it's incohesive to the average
user. it's a linear function. the more options a user
has to choose, the more chance of failure to find the
option they want and the increased time to find said
option. it makes interfaces scary and bloated.  i'm
not sure why you can't understand this.  the key to a
good application is focus.  there's something to be
said about an app that does ONE thing well, and
strives only to do that one thing.  this doesn't mean
this independent app can't fully integrate with other
related applications (like a calendar or contacts
program integrating with a mail app).

> evolution --component=contacts
then this should be the default, and there should be
several evolution-pim scripts installed by default as
evolution-contacts, evolution-calendar, and
evolution-mail.  or something shorter obiously.  it's
not hard to give each component it's own name, and
perhaps call the whole bundle evolution (much like
mozilla is comprised of mail, irc, etc).

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