Re: [Evolution-hackers] component information area.


Michael, this looks great! Thank you!

> Took me a while to work out how to do a few things, hence all the tries.
> I gave up on the multiple-alternate smaller-text idea for now.  The last
> one (-5) is probably the closest to what we want (although some others
> are exactly the same height as the search bar).

I don't think that making this be the same size as the searchbar is much
of a win -- I'd rather go for the slightly larger, more readable design.

> Tweaks to layout (i.e. borders etc)?  Any hig insights on this?

What is the border set to now? Can we see it with a border of 12 pixels?

The HIG is unfortunately free of much data about application window
layout. In theory, the border of the vbox is supposed to be 12 pixels,
and the spacing within it should be the same...except that the spacing
between the icon and folder name should be 6. My two cents are these:
the important thing that the CIA accomplishes is that it tells you the
name of the folder you are accessing, and it tells you about the status
of that folder. The more spacing and padding that are added to it, the
less information it will be able to display in the same amount of space.

> Does the icon need to change (i.e. to match the folder type), or should
> it remain static (i.e. to match the component type) - i think the latter
> is best (and what it does now).

I'd say that latter. We aren't reinforcing component type anywhere else
in this design, and it seems like an important thing to do.


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