Re: [Evolution-hackers] component information area.

On Mër , 2004-04-07 at 17:20 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Hows this stuff look:
> Took me a while to work out how to do a few things, hence all the tries.
> I gave up on the multiple-alternate smaller-text idea for now.  The last
> one (-5) is probably the closest to what we want (although some others
> are exactly the same height as the search bar).

The fifth one does indeed look closest to what we want.

> Tweaks to layout (i.e. borders etc)?  Any hig insights on this?

What about not displaying the unread count there? It seems redundant
since we will
always have it in the tree, and the tree will always be there (unless
you slide the
paned separator all the way to the left, in which case, the information
area would
be hidden as well.

> Or should i just commit and 'work it out later'.

I'd say to just commit it, and then we can fix the themeing, spacing,
and such out
afterward. The UI looks ok to me generally. It may just need the shadow
in and maybe
a slight modification to the spacing. So, if it meets the needs for
Connector that
Dan brought up as a concern yesterday, I'd say to go for it.

> Does the icon need to change (i.e. to match the folder type), or should
> it remain static (i.e. to match the component type) - i think the latter
> is best (and what it does now).

I think a static icon is fine.

-- dobey

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