Re: [Evolution-hackers] component information area.

On Enj , 2004-04-01 at 17:49 +0200, guenther wrote:

> > Proposal
> > 
> > Keeping the above tasks and analysis in mind, we propose using the
> > following design to provide information about the currently selected
> > component (and folder). 
> > 
> >
> Great, the Component Information finally gets back. :)
> Although you will need a very wide folder list, to not cut off vital
> information. Looking at the screenshot, this is another info:
>  [M] Mail (evolution-hackers) - 20 unread, 10000 total

We can probably avoid saying "Mail" here, since we will have the icon,
and it will be very obvious which component you are in, based on the
larger, more visible parts of the UI.

That leaves us with:

[M] evolution-hackers - 20 unread, 10000 total

So, if that is still too big for the horizontal space, basically, what
will happen is this:

[M] evolu... - 20 unread, 10000 total

The label on the left will be clipped, while the one to the right will
not, and will be right-aligned.This will allow the resizing to work how
we want it to, and give the information we need.

-- dobey

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