Re: [Evolution-hackers] EBook and CalClient libraries

Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
     * Make a package out of the new EBook and CalClient libraries plus
Wombat, and ask for it to be part of the core GNOME platform. (Of course some renaming would be in order at that point.)
This is exciting. Is it still part of the plan? Would this be targeted for GNOME 2.6? If so, having these libraries added to the platform relatively early in the 2.5 cycle would allow hackers to make really good use of them in time for 2.6.

Yes, this is still part of the plan, and we are going to target it to
2.6 (however, it might take a little longer before we can commit to
complete ABI stability).

Great. Do you have a preliminary timeline for this? I couldn't find a bug for this issue so I'm not sure what it depends on (besides the renaming and repackaging). I may be able to help with some of it.


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