[Evolution-hackers] mailer head ...

I think i've fixed larry's main issues with the mailer, and with recent gtkhtml fixes it might be working ok now, at least enough to do more testing.  It breaks the attachment adding of broken multipart/related messages though - this is kind of a hard one to fix, since we rely on gtkhtml to parse the content before we know if its been used - but without closing the stream we don't know if its been used yet because of buffering.  Ho hum.

I've tried turning off the blocking writes, and added a delayed opening of the html stream, so for most normal messages it should render smoother, but also incrementally, rather than waiting for all data to come down.  Well I hope, at least it feels much more responsive ...  things with attachments still seem to do the flicker thing ... i also removed the <table> around text parts, which shifts the text ever-so-slightly to the left and up, but renders much much smoother.


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