Re: [Evolution-hackers] db3 and db4

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 08:30, Christopher Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 02:50, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > > Of course, if db4 file format is known to not change during the entire
> > > 4.x branch, it is not really a problem :)
> > 
> > is that true? Is the format in all 4.x versions going to be the same?
> I'll check what the rules are. It definately changed from 3.x to 4.x,
> but I think it has remained consistent since then. The library will
> automatically forward port db files if you so choose of course.

Well, you do have to listen for the correct error code and then call the
conversion routine I believe (addressbook does this now).

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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