Re: [Evolution-hackers] What's is missing in NNTP support

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 07:17, German Poo Caaman~o wrote:
I've just installed evolution HEAD and it was compiled with NNTP
support. After playing a little I have some question that I hope
anyone can answer.
Just keep in mind NNTP support is 'experimental' at best, and completely unsupported at present - i'm pretty impressed it even compiled.

IMHO, it's very comfortable to read NEWS, but:
1. Show all newsgroups from a server (it takes a bit of time, and
   sometimes there are over 30.000 newsgroups, and the user is 
   interested in a few ones).

   I guess it could be better has a window with a similar behaviour
   as folder setting (when you choose working disconnected, where the
   user choose wich folder would like to read).
   I don't know where it belongs to.
Yeah, 'subscriptions' hasn't been implemented, it will work the way IMAP subscriptions work.

2. Besides an USENET messages is *almost* a mail message, has some
   differences.  For instance, a message can be answered to the group
   (follow-up) or replied to the sender (reply).  Is there some kind
   of communication that allow to add "Reply to group" to contextual
We already have a 'post reply' feature, which might need to be hooked up to work for nntp folders.  Although crosspostings would definitely need more work to support.

3. At last, but not least, where can I find a list with missings 
   things? (protocol or UI)
There really isn't one at present, because of the nature of the code.

May someone give some pointers to me?  What should I read?

Try the relevent rfc's and the sourcecode, thats about it so far.

But ... stay tuned, something relevent to this post should be happening soon.


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