[Evolution-hackers] What's is missing in NNTP support

I've just installed evolution HEAD and it was compiled with NNTP
support. After playing a little I have some question that I hope
anyone can answer.

IMHO, it's very comfortable to read NEWS, but:
1. Show all newsgroups from a server (it takes a bit of time, and
   sometimes there are over 30.000 newsgroups, and the user is 
   interested in a few ones).

   I guess it could be better has a window with a similar behaviour
   as folder setting (when you choose working disconnected, where the
   user choose wich folder would like to read).
   I don't know where it belongs to.

2. Besides an USENET messages is *almost* a mail message, has some
   differences.  For instance, a message can be answered to the group
   (follow-up) or replied to the sender (reply).  Is there some kind
   of communication that allow to add "Reply to group" to contextual

3. At last, but not least, where can I find a list with missings 
   things? (protocol or UI)

May someone give some pointers to me?  What should I read?

Thanks in advance,

Germán Poó-Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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