[Evolution-hackers] Umlauts broken.


I'am going to fill a bug about this in a couple of minutes but only to
proof the reliability of this I would like to give feedback that the
Umlauts in Evolution HEAD made some strange changes in the past 3weeks
or so.

Here an german example sentence with umlauts encoded in ISO-8859-15

'Wir möchten Ihnen gerne mehr Ìber unsere Produkte erzÀhlen und wÌrde
und freuen, Sie als Kunde begrÌ�en zu dÌrfen'

and here the umlauts itself:

Ã?  <-- UE
Ì  <-- ue
Ã?  <-- OE
ö  <-- oe
Ã?  <-- AE
À  <-- ae

Looks like some utf8 borkage here.

Ok I fill a bugreport about this now with reference to this mail.

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