Re: [Evolution-hackers] Umlauts broken.

On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 10:39, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> Hello,
> I'am going to fill a bug about this in a couple of minutes but only to
> proof the reliability of this I would like to give feedback that the
> Umlauts in Evolution HEAD made some strange changes in the past 3weeks
> or so.
> Here an german example sentence with umlauts encoded in ISO-8859-15
> 'Wir mÃ?¶chten Ihnen gerne mehr Ã?Å?ber unsere Produkte erzÃ?â?¬hlen und wÃ?Å?rde
> und freuen, Sie als Kunde begrÃ?Å?Ã?Â?en zu dÃ?Å?rfen'
> and here the umlauts itself:
> Ã?Â?  <-- UE
> Ã?Å?  <-- ue
> Ã?Â?  <-- OE
> �¶  <-- oe
> Ã?Â?  <-- AE
> Ã?â?¬  <-- ae
> Looks like some utf8 borkage here.
> Ok I fill a bugreport about this now with reference to this mail.
I'm having a similar problem with Spanish characters. In the composer,
áéíóúñ (aeiou with accent and a n with a tilde) appear correctly, but
then the message is sent and all people that I've talked with about it
see garbage in the place of the accented letters. Also, when I get my
mail, they display incorrectly.

This started happening for me last week.

Ali, is that the same problem for you? Do you see them correctly on the


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