Re: [Evolution-hackers] how can I create preprocessed files???

Why do you neede it for every file ... it doesn't seem to make sense,
some of the files grow enourmously when building.

When i do it, and i do it occasionally, i just cut and paste the build
line for the file and change it to use -E instead of -c.

All you have to do if you want to do it is make a shell script that runs
gcc normally and also runs it in cpp mode.

For a given directory you could try "make CC="gcc -E" but that will
confuse the linker and prevent things going forward.

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 14:23, A. Gunes Koru wrote:
> Yes.. from a C preprocessor. Many c compilers can do it... For ex: gcc
> Therefore, after this clarification, I repeat my question.. Anyone who has an 
> idea about this? I want to produce one preprocessed file per each source file 
> in Evolution. Of course I want to do it correctly. That's why I want to do 
> something similar to build process, in which everything happens in the right 
> order. However, I don't know how I should modify the usual build process. I 
> would really appreciate if someone could help me with it.
> Regards
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