RE: [Evolution-hackers] Creating folders via CORBA interface

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 22:24, Patrick Gerzanics wrote:
> Well, to figure out why the crash was happening I stumbled across the
> evolution --debug=[debug file path] which yields the assertion:
> evolution-shell-ERROR **: file e-local-storage.c: line 450 (create_folder):
> assertion failed: (g_path_is_absolute (path))

Dunno why that would make it crash ... the crash just sounds like a bug.

> When I change the parameters to:
> void asyncCreateFolder (/home/patrickg/evolution/local/NewFolder,
> "calendar", "New Folder", "", listener);
> Same result when I tried:
> void asyncCreateFolder (/home/patrickg/evolution/local/NewFolder,
> "calendar", "New Folder", "/home/patrickg/evolution/local", listener);

Note that the parent_physical_uri does actually have to be a uri, not a
path, i.e. file:///home/... etc.

If it can't find the parent location, then it wouldn't be able to know
where to create the dir.  Maybe strace or something could show up
something (particularly since it says its working).

> I get the 'evolution-shell:folder_created occurred' event via the Bonobo
> Listener, but nothing shows up in Evolution and the expected folder in the
> /home/patrickg/evolution/local/ directory does not appear.  I have been able
> to do a work-around by creating the directory manually and populating it
> with an empty .ics file and a folder-metadata.xml file, but it requires a
> restart of Evolution for the app to pick it up.  I'd be happy to just find a
> way to get Evo to pick it up without a restart.

Hrm, you might need to use the ShellComponent interface/object type
instead, not the Storage one ... dunno ... Maybe Ettore will pop on the
list and help, I dont think anybody else understands any of the
interfaces ...

> As far as what language, I'm using Java bindings which so far have proved
> pretty reliable.

Cool, though from your other post it sounds a little clumsy.  If only
bonobo(and ui) was also ported ... and the evo api's were usable outside
of evo (or inside :)

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