Re: [Evolution-hackers] sharing IMAP folders between users

On Sat, 2003-06-21 at 00:56, Dave O wrote:
> This is correct.  Particularly in Cyrus IMAP, ACL is a very useful
> feature.  If you don't want to know about them or set them, they work
> transparently.  When you do a . LIST "" *, every mailbox that you have
> reading rights to is returned.  Considering that Cyrus is growing in
> popularity, it might be nice to support one of it's better features.
> I'd be willing to help code support for this.  Any chance of it getting
> accepted if it works and doesn't get in the way?

The namespace and acl stuff would probably both be needed.  Namespace
support in the imap code is just a matter of some glue to make multiple
namespaces work the same way the single one works now.  Although ... i
dont know, maybe we need to export information about namespaces to the
app too, which would require more api.

Any new acl thing would probably want to be extensible and re-usable to
other possible backends (if and where it is applicable), so the hardest
part is just defining the api, and one that isn't too limited just to
match whatever cyrus does.  That might be a good place to start on.

I was contemplating adding 'interfaces' to camel object, which might
make this simpler, but it wouldn't be required - you would just extend
camel-store with additional virtual methods/attributes as it stands now.

FWIW we're also contemplating finally making camel an external library,
although that adds additional maintenance overheads we haven't had to
deal with so far.

And yeah, any reasonable patch will definetly be considered, assuming it
is of adequate quality, used existing styles and interfaces, is mt-safe,
and so forth.  Ximian requires copyright assignment documentation for
any non-trivial change however.

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