[Evolution-hackers] sharing IMAP folders between users

This is correct.  Particularly in Cyrus IMAP, ACL is a very useful
feature.  If you don't want to know about them or set them, they work
transparently.  When you do a . LIST "" *, every mailbox that you have
reading rights to is returned.  Considering that Cyrus is growing in
popularity, it might be nice to support one of it's better features.

I'd be willing to help code support for this.  Any chance of it getting
accepted if it works and doesn't get in the way?

	Dave O

> RFC 2086 allows for ACLs on IMAP folders.  We have used programs like
websieve/smartsieve to set
> ACLs to allow one user to share a folder with another user.
> We just found a File->Open Other User's Folder in Evolution 1.2.4.  How
is that feature supposed to
> work?  Does it look in the Shared namespace?  Does it look in the user
namespace?  What is it
> looking for?
> Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> | I don't think permissions are set via the IMAP protocol (in fact, I
> | they aren't - IMAP doesn't specify a mechanism for this), however,
> | *does* provide 3 namespaces: User, Shared, Other
> |
> | The default paths for these namespaces can be fetched via the
> | command after logging in.
> |
> | Perhaps you are just thinking of the Shared namespace rather than the
> | user actually changing perms on his folders. As far as I know, there
> | no way for a client to change these perms... - the way it works is
> | that if a folder is in the Shared hierarchy, *everyone (where everyone
> | is whoever the sysadmin gave perms to I would imagine) can see it.
> | not.
> |
> | Unfortunately, Evolution does not currently suppoprt this. We plan on
> | adding support for this soon tho.
> |
> | Jeff
> |
> | On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 09:40, JT Moree wrote:
> |
> |>Hash: SHA1
> |>
> |>Has anyone worked on/heard of an interface in Evolution to share IMAP
folders with other users?
> |>
> |>For example, Cyrus IMAP allows a user to set permissions on a folder
that allow other users to have
> |>access to the folder.  I am not sure what protocol is being utilized
for this.  I am just now
> |>digging into it.
> |>
> |>That same protocol could be used by Evolution to talk to the IMAP
server to set permissions on a
> |>folder allowing for sharing of folders with other users.
> |>

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