Re: [Evolution-hackers] gtkhtml can't set correct value for inline spell checking

> People using PowerPCs have reported problems switching from plain mode
> to html mode in the editor which also uses a bonobo property so it is
> possible there is an endian issue somewhere in either the gtkhtml use of
> bonobo properties or the the bonobo property code itself.

Looks like the problem is bonobo_pbclient_set_boolean; it does

	any = bonobo_arg_new_from (TC_CORBA_boolean, &value);

but value is a gboolean, which is an int, and CORBA_boolean is a guchar,
so it only copies the first byte of value.

If we can't get a new libbonobo release out right away, we could
temporarily hack evo-mail to pass -1 instead of TRUE...

-- Dan

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