Re: [Evolution-hackers] [PATCH] offline improvements/features

Hey Joe,

> > Basically it does two things:
> >  - instead of syncing only read messages, it always syncs all messages
> > when you go offline
> Is this going to cause a significantly larger overhead when going
> offline than before on high volume mailboxes?  My IMAP INBOX is 75,000
> messages, and if each needs to be checked before going offline, it is
> going to be painful.  (Aside from the one-time sync everything that I'm
> aware I'll have to suffer)

I'm not sure, I'd appreciate any feedback on how well it scales

I think ... unless you have a lot of messages which were meant to be
synced in the past that weren't ... it should be pretty cheap - its all
local file-system accesses in the already-synced case.


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