Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution as part of groupware projects in ST Louis

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 17:28, JT Moree wrote:
> Here is a summary of what we have though about and done about the Calendar functionality related to 
> Evolution:
> 1) Open WebDav/http standards are used by Mozilla calendar, Apple iCal to transport icalendar (.ics) 
> files.
> 	Evolution could do the same.  I started hacking Evo to add support for this.  Unfortunately, I was 
> only on 1.0.8 which was too old to be effective anyway.  I got as far as adding the GUI components 
> but had some trouble understanding the code for doing the actual work.  May come back to this in the 
> future.
how did you implement this?

> 2) Kolab ( is the German gov't funded groupware server.
> 	This method stores all data in IMAP email.  This makes centralized storing and sharing data very 
> easy.  But this is a new implementation requiring all clients to be changed to support said interface.
> 3) A program could be written (and we have some preliminary notes) that translates between Kolab and 
> ical for CALENDARING.
> 	A set of programs would have to be given priveledged access to the IMAP data store in order to 
> translate the IMAP data into icalendar files and vice versa.  This would allow a hacked version of 
> evo to support both ical/http(s) and Kolab.  The programs would be responsible for hiding private 
> data during translation.
Evolution's architecture makes it easy to add new calendar backends, so
instead of an external program, you could write an Evolution backend
that reads the calendar data from the IMAP folders, and convert it to
iCalendar back and forth.


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