Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bug 40699: LDAP Compatibility Issue

There's already a bug about this in, and believe me
it's one of the bigger warts I'd like to fix wrt the ldap stuff :) 
There's just never enough time.

I'd opt more for just switching to using the new attributes, possibly
parsing the old attribute if the new ones weren't specified, but when we
save it out we save using the new ones, etc.  Or possibly just writing a
perlldap script for people to use to upgrade their evo contacts and just
only use the new attributes.

The evo ldap schema stuff has stagnated pretty much since it was written
(and it was an acknowledged hack even at the time), and should
definitely be looked at.


On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 13:02, Brad Diggs wrote:
> Hello,
> There are those of us in the directory services world that
> would like to use a directory server as the single repository
> for all identity information.  Toward that end, it would be
> nice if all of the LDAP based address book clients (Netscape, 
> Mozilla, Outlook, Windoze address book, and of course my 
> favorite Evolution) used the same directory attributes for
> identity information.
> Evolution seems to deviate significantly from most other
> address book clients in that it uses the homePostalAddress
> attribute to store the entire user address in.  While this
> is a completely viable option, it isolates evolution from
> the other clients out there and makes it harder to keep the
> common identity information in sync.  I would like to propose
> that you do two things to resolve this inconsistency:
> First, alter evolution so that it can support the standard
> postal address attributes in addition to homePostalAddress:
>    streetAddress: $street_address
>    l: $city
>    st: $state
>    postalCode: $zip_code
> Second, add a configurable option to allow an end user to
> specify which format that they would prefer to use.
> Thanks in advance,
> Brad
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