[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.0 UI proposal

There are a few reasons for us to go with this design:
> 	* It kills the all-in-one tree view, which currently makes it
>           difficult to reach for your calendar or contacts folders,
>           since they are hiding between all the various mail folders.
>           You no longer need to hunt for you calendar folder scrolling
>           through the tree to see what your schedule is like, you just
>           click on an easily accessible button marked "Calendar".
>           Much better navigation.  (Please note that, although it's
>           not obvious from the mockup, we would still have a mail
>           folder tree, the same way we have it now.  Calendar, Tasks
>           and Contacts, however, would be just flat lists.)
> 	* Killing the tree view also simplifies the architecture a
>           lot.  Right now there is a lot of machinery in place to
>           handle the tree, making sure that components don't step on
>           each other's toes.  In particular, the handling of local
>           folders is a maintenance nightmare, and also makes it very
>           hard to provide the hooks that hackers need eg. to access
>           Evolution's folders and do cool desktop integration hacks.

Great, It also simplified Accessibility work by using gtktreeview.
But I am afraid it may not match our schedule of evolution a11y work.

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