Re: [Evolution-hackers] How do I use CFLAGS

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 02:13, A. Gunes Koru wrote:
> Actually I wanted to measure the complexity of the C source files in 
> Evolution. I found a free  tool called Metre (version 2.3, Just make a web 
> search if you are curious).. The tool said it required preprocessed files. 
> That's why i asked your help..

Ahh cool.  Just curious.  Get a bit suspicious when people are cagey
about replies.

> Finally, I managed to produce the pre-processed files. But this time the tool 
> gave me some syntax errors. I guess the reason was that it was written 
> considering ANSII C. The last version is 1995. However gcc is different.

Well we should only be using C89, which is ansi c.  However glib (and
indeed the c library) use some gcc extensions when they're available
which might be getting into the preprocessed source  You might have to
convince glib or the evo build that it isn't running on gcc.  Adding
"-ansi" to the CFLAGS might also make a difference - maybe.

It really depends on what the syntax errors are, perhaps you could post
some here.  If they are minor, there might be easy workarounds, e.g.
making slight modifications to the source, or even remove the offending
bits - it doesn't have to run afterall, only preprocess.

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