Re: [Evolution-hackers] newbie question - structure of Evolution

> You want to write a calendar backend to the Wombat for accessing the
> data.
> Basically the flow (for addressbook and calendar) is like this:
> 	Shell  ->  ShellComponent  ->  Wombat  -> Backend
> The Wombat is the backend daemon that handles the data.  It exports two
> interfaces, the PAS (addressbook) and the PCS (calendar) interfaces for
> accessing the data.  So what you want to do is write a different plugin
> for the Wombat that implements the necessary interfaces and talks to the
> remote calenddar you want to access.  Looking at the code in
> calendar/pcs/ should help you understand how to write the backend code.

This isn't quite right. evolution-wombat *is* the local calendar, local
addressbook, and LDAP addressbook backend. You cannot plug other things
into it. Instead, you create an additional component that supports the
GNOME_Evolution_Wombat interface, and the calendar gui will launch it as
needed for the URL types it supports.

-- Dan

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