Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and NSS

> > It currently does not work. NSS is required by the S/MIME stuff now, as
> > well as for SSL support in the mailer. It is not recommended to build
> > without it. The OpenSSL code for the mailer doesn't even build anymore,
> > and I've informally asked that it be removed from CVS until such time as
> > someone is willing to maintain it. I guess I should cook up a more
> > formal mail for this list.
> It should be building without NSS though, I built it one week ago
> without difficulty under 2.6 and no NSS.

When I first started building Evo from HEAD the S/MIME stuff was new,
and was including headers which my libnss3 didn't package.  I hacked
around this by #if'ing out the relevant code.  Over the weekend I
removed all of my strange changes and rebuild, forgetting to turn off
NSS... and it worked.

I tried a build without NSS as an exercise, and got various errors in
the HTML message output, where pieces of code were not #if'd out.

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