Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and NSS

On Enj , 2003-12-11 at 16:52, Ross Burton wrote:
> Hi,
> Is Evolution intended to be built without NSS?  I've disabled NSS in
> configure and get many, many compile errors in evolution/mail.

It currently does not work. NSS is required by the S/MIME stuff now, as
well as for SSL support in the mailer. It is not recommended to build
without it. The OpenSSL code for the mailer doesn't even build anymore,
and I've informally asked that it be removed from CVS until such time as
someone is willing to maintain it. I guess I should cook up a more
formal mail for this list.

> Should I file a bug about this, or is building without NSS not supported
> any more?

There is a bug open already.

-- dobey

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