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I too was thinking about something very much in line with this. But, my idea was something like having some post-its. I was wondering if this post-it would be a new utility or something similar which the user would create and paste them on his desktop. This would act as reminders or even a todo-list to him. [ This could further be integrated with the alarm system or even his chat client for any notifications ]. I guess, your memopads sound very much similar to this. If my understanding is right about this, then i would suggest to add the feature of pasting these memos onto the desktop [ not sure if you already had this as a feature ].

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 21:10:38 -0800 (PST), Nathan Owens <pianocomp81 yahoo com> wrote:


I've been wanting a "notes" or "memos" component for Evolution so I can
stop editing my memos from my PDA via a text editor or JPilot. It seems
that some other people want it, too, based on the many duplicate bug
entries for feature/bug 821. I'd like to start working on a component
that does this.

I could use either one of the existing libraries (libical, libebook) or
I could create a new library just for a memo component.

The features I think a memopad needs is
  - to be assignable to at least one category
  - limit the length to the max length in the PalmOS (since this is the
original reason for me wanting this component, but there could be a
user-defined setting that would limit it if the user so chooses, and be
unlimited otherwise)
  - Have a private/public option
  - spell check
  - search ability
  - any others?

A memopad is pretty simple. It's similar to the Tasks part of the
calendar in that it's a collection of little notes separated into
categories. A memopad's also similar to the addressbook in that it's a
collection of memos put in one memopad, like addressbook's a collection
of contacts.

I've taken a look at the path that the libical library's taking, and I
don't think a memo component would fit well in it since memos aren't
included in the iCal specs (at least I couldn't find it anywhere).

I don't think this fits into the existing addressbook, either, because
the addressbook and memopad serve very different purposes.

Anyone have suggestions?

One UI that I came up with for the memopad is located at (this is my
home system, so it might go down once in a while). I'm not the best at
designing what a UI should look like, though, so I'd welcome

I'm looking for any suggestions on how to go about designing this, and
what others see as pros/cons to the various ways I've mentioned (and
others I haven't thought of).

Nathan Owens

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