[Evolution-hackers] Re: popup message view, truncated toolbar

Hi dudie,

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 04:55, Not Zed wrote:
> Any idea why our message view, when popped up, doesn't extend the
> toolbar to fit?  We get a little > with a single item in it, at the
> end of the toolbar.

	Doh; I forgot about that one - a silly bug (as you might imagine), it's
fixed in HEAD.

	What's more concerning is that gtk+ has changed in such a way that the
toolbar re-parenting action doesn't work whatsoever; try undocking /
re-docking a toolbar with gtk+ HEAD ... perhaps when gtk+ API freezes
Federico can have a look at fixing that; Federico ? [ we need to
reparent into our own toplevel GtkWindow apparently, but the logic is
not pleasant for that ].



 michael ximian com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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