[Evolution-hackers] popup message view, truncated toolbar

Hey Mr Meeks,

Any idea why our message view, when popped up, doesn't extend the toolbar to fit?  We get a little > with a single item in it, at the end of the toolbar.

this is bug http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=49949

The code that builds it just does:
	EMMessageBrowser *emmb;
	BonoboUIContainer *uicont;
	BonoboUIComponent *uic;

	emmb = (EMMessageBrowser *)em_message_browser_new();
	gtk_widget_show((GtkWidget *)emmb);
	/* FIXME: title set elsewhere? */
	emmb->window = g_object_new(bonobo_window_get_type(), "title", "Ximian Evolution", NULL);
	bonobo_window_set_contents((BonoboWindow *)emmb->window, (GtkWidget *)emmb);

	uicont = bonobo_window_get_ui_container((BonoboWindow *)emmb->window);
	uic = bonobo_ui_component_new_default();
	bonobo_ui_component_set_container(uic, BONOBO_OBJREF(uicont), NULL);

	em_folder_view_activate((EMFolderView *)emmb, uic, TRUE);

	/* FIXME: keep track of size changes for next instantation */
	gtk_window_set_default_size((GtkWindow *)emmb->window, 600, 400);
then it gets shown (the bonobo window).

for some reason the toolbar is fixed at a certain width (smaller than the default size it opens), and wont resize bigger.

can you think of any reason for this?  is there some trivial way to just change the toolbar's expansion flags?


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