Re: [Evolution-hackers] inbox sorting

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 06:50, Joe Mahoney wrote:
> The only reason I can see for wanting this feature is so that you can
> get to new unread messages without scrolling manually, and it strikes me
> that a vFolder would be a better option in that case.

I have not used vFolders for anything yet (new to Evolution since one
week, have used elm and kmail before) perhaps time to look into that.

I also have my folders in descending order. Say I have a folder with 10
old messages, I suddenly notice that I have three new mails in this
folder, so I click on that folder and end up on the last mail I was
looking at. Would it not be better, more intuitively, to automatically
show the first un-read message in this folder. This as the most probably
reason for someone to click on that folder is to see the new mails. As
it is now one have to click on the folder, and then jump to next unread
mail, or click on it after having scrolled.

Not sure if I missed something here, but for a new-comer it seems more
intuitive to jump to the first unread mail when clicking on a folder
with new mail.


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