Re: [Evolution-hackers] OpenSSL support in Evo 1.5

OpenSSL has not been supported as a means of SSL for the mailer for
quite some time now and we don't plan on keeping it updated. It also has
a number of security concerns that have only been addressed in the
Mozilla-NSS version of the code.


On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 15:03, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> I just tried to build Evo 1.5 with OpenSSL support, and found the
> underlying API has changed, but the OpenSSL hooks hadn't been updated to
> take advantage of it.  If this a known issue, or is OpenSSL support
> going away?  On that same vein, it looks like S/MIME requires NSS.  If
> OpenSSL will be a viable SSL implementation for 2.0, will S/MIME be able
> to take advantage of it?  Thanks.
> Joe

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